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ZAGO was established by our passion to implement enterprise solutions and technologies dealing with business & operational challenges and bring added value to organizations. 

Our main goal is to optimize business performance and to improve results while maximizing your existing resources.

We use proven methodologies & technologies to bring about rapid results.

We provide experienced professionals that assist private and public companies to achieve their goals.

We only take on challenges where we have added value, otherwise it's a waste of our time and your money.

ZAGO is the exclusive distributor in Israel of "timestrip" Smart Indicators that measure time and temperature

We have partnered with Ullman to promote products RedSheet®State-of-the-art Negotiation tools.

RedSheet® provides a winning program of negotiation training and tools for organizations in Israel. We apply our step-by-step Red Sheet process to help practitioners enter a negotiation with the best chance of success. This knowledge and theory has been proven to work for companies around the world.

We are looking to represent international companies looking to start operations in Israel and Israeli technological products in countries where we have added value.

Our areas of activity includes:
• Representation of international companies in Israel
• Business development of technologies
• Networking and connecting
• Improving business results
• Strategic and tactical planning
• BI (Business Intelligence) and advance Business Analytics
• Accompanying tenders - strategic, tactical and technical level


Menachem (Namik) Goren


Namik holds a BA in Economics and Computer.

Namih has over 30 years of high-tech experience, with extensive experience in business development and business development for local and international companies.

Namik specializes in information analysis and business intelligence and has experience in a wide range of organizations and companies.

Anat Goren Zalma

Co-CEO at ZAGO & Co-Chairman at the Association of Industrial & Management Engineering at AEAI.

Anat holds an MBA from the Ben Gurion University & B.Sc. on Industrial and Management Engineers.

Anat has over 25 years of experience in business development, marketing and sales from a large consulting firm. As a consultant, she led complex tenders and projects for identification of processes, formulation of business strategy and work plans, control and control processes for public and business organizations, including government ministries, local authorities and business companies - management of large-scale projects.

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